Media responsibility

・Information Transparency and Information Accuracy

This journal deals with various ICT-related topics on a daily basis, but all of this information is based on official releases from various companies, as well as public announcements and statements by government and administrative agencies.

This is done in order to ensure information transparency and accuracy.

In cases where there is more than one version of the same information (e.g., true or false, or opposite claims), the claims of both sides will be posted in the same article.

・Non-intervention category

This magazine will not intervene in the following categories under any circumstances.

・Information with a strong political agenda

・Information related to finance

・Information that may cause confusion among readers

・Information that promotes prejudice or discrimination

・Information containing nudity or other adult or adult-oriented content

・Compliance with laws and regulations

・Promotional Articles

From the viewpoint of consumer protection, only advertisements placed by clients who meet the following conditions will be published in this magazine.

・In case of applying the screening requirements of this magazine.

・If the client agrees to a written contract.

We do not handle “review articles” with product evaluation, etc. Since July 2018, we have not handled such articles.

・Consumer Protection

This magazine clearly informs readers when it judges that consumer interests may be harmed, regardless of whether it is a general article or a promotional article.

Any evaluations made by this magazine are independent and not influenced by any third party or specific organization. In order to ensure the transparency of our evaluations, we may disclose additional information that forms the basis for our judgments if we deem it appropriate to do so.

In all other cases, the protection of consumer interests is the top priority, and we will deal with all cases.

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